Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Players Who Have Dissapointed

Here are some players who's stock has fallen because of disappointing seasons:

Thunder and Lightning (James Davis and CJ Spiller) - It's been a disappointing season for the entire Clemson team and its players. CJ Spiller recently suffered an injury and both have had disappointing seasons. Sure they have combined for over 700 yards but the offensive line has not opened up any holes for them and they are not meeting expectations.

Todd Boeckman - Boeckman started the first three games but wasn't productive enough and has been benched in favor of super-frosh Terrelle Pryor. Boeckman seemed to be an efficient quarterback with prototypical size and was getting some attention from NFL scouts. Now he is sitting on the sidelines.

Cullen Harper - It would figure that I have 3 Clemson players who have disappointed because of how bad Clemson has been. Is it really Harper that can be blamed? Maybe not, but with all the hype surrounding him this season he certainly has not lived up to the expectations.

Hunter Cantwell - This was the most hype of any quarterback who hasn't ever started a game before. Cantwell was supposed to take over for Brian Brohm (another Louisville quarterback with expectations that were not met) and not miss a beat. I even saw that Cantwell was the #1 QB on draft boards and possibly could be a number one overall pick. All of this because of his ideal size (6'5 and 236). Cantwell has disappointed this season throwing 6 picks and only completing 57% of his passes.


  1. since when did Brian Brohm not meet expectations? Are you retarded?

  2. I dont know who you are but YOU are the retard... Brian Brohm had the lowest quarterback rating of his college career, most interceptions and second worst completion percentage... Above all that, Louisville was the Big East favorite from numerous sources and from what I remember they didn't make a bowl game! Brian Brohm was supposed to be the #1 QB prospect but ended up going late in the second round.

    Next time you want to call someone a retard, get your facts straight. YOU are the retard